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My research in three minutes - my entry video to the 3-Minute Thesis competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is a competition initially created by the University of Queensland in Australia, and which has since gone global, whereby PhD students are challenged with presenting their research in a maximum of three minutes, with just one slide. No animation, no props, no effects, just one static slide, and the researcher as presenter.

The University of Southampton is taking part in the UK 3MT competition, and submissions were invited to the first heat within the Faculty of Social Sciences. For this first heat, we were asked to submit our presentation as a video - the final will, however, be a live presentation.

You can find my entry below, where I present my research on oil and gas employees' ethical and moral perspectives on climate change, and findings to date, within the three minute limit (which is probably a lot less than if you were to ask me about my research in real life!).

I hope you find the video interesting, and please do let me have any thoughts, feedback, comments or questions this might bring up.


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